We strongly advise a minimum age of 14 years.
Trainings are accessible to everyone and organised by experienced PkLux members. Every Thursday from 16:00-18:00 at our new Gym in Differdange.
Our regular Free training-sessions are on Saturdays and the Coached Kids trainings twice a month on Thursdays.
Thursday : 16:00 - 18:00 (Coached Trainings)
Saturday : 20:00 - 22:00 (Core Team)
Check our facebook page (Parkour Luxembourg) if the trainings are confirmed before you come.
For more details, please have a look at our calendar
Team members: 75€/year The training cost is paid for each season, which starts mid-September and lasts until Summer break.
You can find us at our Gym:
20, rue Emile Mark L-4620 Differdange, Luxembourg
Just next to the Trainstation in Differdange.
For further details you can check our Spots & Gyms category.
Everybody is welcome to join us, we don't discriminate on age or gender. The only requirement is that you are mature and responsible enough to train by yourself.

In general, our training sessions are all about freedom, respect and individuality. Although everybody trains as an individual and at their own spot in the Gym, you'll never feel alone or excluded in our sessions as we believe that helping each other, giving tips, advice or challenges are the best way of progressing, and the most enjoyable too.

If you are 16 years old or more and want to give the discipline a try, you can join our Free training-sessions.
Our experienced members will be available to introduce you about the basics of parkour & freerunning, so you can start learning more quickly. Even if the trainings are free and you have to be independent, you'll never feel alone and you can ask for help at every moment if needed. You can train with us and use all our facilities twice a week (see calendar & facebook group "Parkour Luxembourg"), at your own rythme.

If you are less than 16 years old, you can participate to our coached trainings. They are held by advanced traceurs & freerunners twice a month (see calendar), so you can learn more securely.
We'll teach our young members the basics of parkour & freerunning in fonction of their skills and the rules to respect in general and in the community. Sometimes we'll let you a free training time or you can use our big trampoline. 😉
For this purpose we have provided a
where members can post and organize between them when and where to meet spontaneously or not for a training-session.
Whenever possible, the primary goal during our indoor-trainings is zero injury for anyone. This is why our movements are thought in the safest way.
Despite our attention, it is not always possible to avoid collisions with other members, this is why we cannot take responsibility for kids injuring themselves due to a lack of attention. Therefore the training is "at your own risk" and the parents are responsible for their kids. Members although have an insurance which covers damage to the gym inventory. This is also stated in our members registration form.

The message is: train safe & care for your friends.
There are others that operate: In the East of Luxembourg: Kaizen Parkour Academy: https://www.kaizenparkouracademy.lu/   and in some Gymnastics Clubs: In Bettembourg: Le Réveil Bettembourg / Parkour Bettembourg - with members of PkLux - In Mersch: Mierscher Turnveräin (new since march 2020)
Yes, we do. If you want to organize a private workshop or if you want us to have a demonstration or workshop at your event, please contact us.
Of course! If you have a project, some of our members are always available or motivated to participate, just leave a message or ask in our fb group "Parkour Luxembourg"